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Pill Pamphlets

Hormonal birth control information

Hormonal Birth Control Instructions
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Find your HBC instruction sheets & more here.
About the Community

pillpamphlets is a collection of information on hormonal birth control.

We list the name, dosage, any generic/brand names, regimen (actives/inactives), and provide a link to the information sheets you get with each pack of your pills.

These sheets contain essential information on how to start, how to take your pills, what to do if you miss pills, what side effects you might experience and more.

We know how easy it is to misplace a piece of paper, so we're very happy to provide this information here.

How Do I Use This Site?

We'll do our best to keep up with all available hormonal birth control brands and methods. If there's one we've missed or you have other questions or information for us, we'd love your input here

On the left side of the community is our list of tags. Use this to find your HBC brand.

You can also use this to cross-reference brands by monophasic vs. triphasic, or by specific type of Progestin.

If you're interested in seeing what you've been on so far and what might be similar or different, this can be helpful.

More FAQ are in this post

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We welcome you in our sister communities birthcontrol and am_i_pregnant.

If you would like to affiliate with us, please contact dindin AT liveournal DOT com. We look forward to your input!

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This community is moderated and run by dindin and scien.

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